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Let’s get with it and make your home buying dreams a reality. Let me help you buy or sell your property.



When you have a dream and you're willing to trust in God, the sky is the limit. Raised in a small Community called South Apopka, Carea Gunn grew up in a Single Parent household with three other siblings and was taught the importance of hard work and never giving up at an early age. As a child, Carea watched her mother go from public assistance to an Entrepreneur and business owner of several flourishing businesses; this foundation paved the way to Carea developing Shero Hair Collection- a number one distributor of virgin hair and Custom wigs. 


Along with the Shero Brand, Carea is the CEO & Founder of Shero Empowerment for Single Mothers. As a Radio Show Host and Educator, Mrs. Gunn believes enlightening our community is our most important goal. Her latest endeavor as a Real Estate Professional has created Generational Wealth for so many families. The road was not easy, and despair often lay on the horizon; however, with God's speed, Carea's drive, and Hustle, the outcome led to a host of open doors and a myriad of opportunities. 


TEL: 407-663-6448  |

Apopka, FL


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